Street Outreach

Serving Homeless Teens and Young Adults

The Street Outreach program provides help for homeless teens and young adults who may not be ready for the structure of a live-in program. Street Outreach provides a place to get a meal, do laundry, take a shower or access a computer.


How Your Donations Make a Difference

One Monday, a young lady named Jade came to YFS. She was very upset and concerned about her future. She had been living on the streets and in a condemned building. When Jade arrived at Youth and Family Services (YFS) she told us how she had tried other agencies but was unable to receive any help. She used her very last dollar to take Red River Transit to our facility to apply for the Transitional Living Program that she had heard about from a friend at school.

When our staff heard her story they knew that we at YFS had to do all we could to help Jade. Jade was accepted into the Transitional Living Program and the Street Outreach program. The First Nazarene Church donated Jade a hygiene bag.  Our street outreach coordinator helped Jade to get some clothes since she had been wearing her only clothing for over a week.

Since there were no open apartments in the Transitional Living Program (ILP) at the time, Jade was assisted through the Street Outreach Program. The program provided Jade with a local hotel room for three days while we scrambled to find a safe place for her to live. During this time the Native American Youth Program assisted the Independent Living Program in locating a shelter which assisted Jade with safe housing, food, clothing, transportation and someone to listen to her in her time of distress.

Most of our youth come to us with only the clothes on their back, just like Jade did. Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program (ESG) also became involved in assisting this young lady. The Native American Youth Program assisted in making arrangements to go to a Domestic Violence Shelter for assistance and to have her monthly visitation with her children that are in Child Protective Services custody.