About Us

Youth & Family Services is a 501(c)3 private, non-profit, community based charitable organization; formed in 1974 to meet a critical community need for emergency shelter for abused and neglected children.



MISSION STATEMENT:   The agency’s mission is “To provide, promote, assist and facilitate a community-based, structured process of counseling, socialization, recreation, educational assistance, and in emergency youth shelter for youth and their families who have been identified as in need of assistance in adjusting to current life situations.”

VISION:  At Youth & Family Services our motto is “Caring today for better tomorrows”. We strive to assist every child and youth we serve with the overall goal of creating a better future.



  1. Kids are important and their opinions matter.
  2. The kids have rights and they matter.
  3. We will respect them as individuals.
  4. Our services should have a positive impact on kids.
  5. The convenience of the staff will not be put before the benefit of the kids.
  6. Keep it simple.
  7. Kids are in better shape when we support the family unit.
  8. Set and consistently enforce high expectations.
  9. Provide all children we serve with care and support.
  10. Our services will promote and contribute to healthy development.
  11. We will encourage and help provide to our children serious fun on a regular basis.
  12. It’s the quality not the quantity.