At Youth & Family Services, Inc. (YFS), our strength is in our people and our passion for children and youth.  YFS offers a variety of services to children and youth ages 0 – 23, including emergency youth shelter, counseling, independent living, foster care, and a variety of educational services.  YFS has been nationally accredited by CARF for more than 21 years, and is seen as the major prevention services provider in our community.  We serve more than 2,600 community members annually.  Our accomplishments include high quality comprehensive services, a stable organization, and a tremendous growth curve.

Check out our programs below!

The Spot – Serving rural teens facing homelessness (Kingfisher and Blaine Counties).

Counseling – Providing emotional and behavioral supports to families in need.

Foster Care – Providing homes for children in our services.

Shelter – Providing a safe place for children in crisis.
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Street Outreach – Assisting young adults encountering homelessness.

Transitional Living Program – Helping young adults be successful in living independently.