Foster Care

Serving Homeless and Abused Children

Uniting our Families, foster care program, is a continuum model that gives homeless, neglected and abused children improved opportunities for stability.  Our programs foundational principal is to create healthy attachments for the children within the YFS foster care families; these connections become the conduit for healing and for improving each child’s developmental milestones.  Foster parents are given the opportunity to volunteer in our Caring Center and serve as a traditional, respite or emergency foster home.   The Uniting our Families team works to build a seamless connection between our Emergency Caring Center and the foster parents who provide a loving, supportive home.  YFS serves foster families living within 40 miles of the agency.

It is not uncommon for children in the foster care system to move from home to home. At YFS we have around a 90% success rate, which includes no preventable network disruptions for children until reunified with a family member or adopted. 

This is coupled with 100% of our foster families feeling supported and happy with the services they receive.

Foster Care Success Stories

“We have had an amazing experience with YFS.  We were very unsure and nervous coming in.  Melissa answered all our questions and made us so comfortable.  The process to become a foster parent went so smooth.  Melissa always called us back and was there to support us.  Everyone at YFS has been helpful and kind to us.  We recommend YFS to everyone that we meet who wants to become foster parents.” 

Chad & Courtney, former foster / adoptive parents

“YFS is a great in between for our family and OKDHS.  We have experienced many benefits of partnering with YFS during our journey of fostering children.  A major benefit is to be able to contact our liaison on a moment’s notice when needed.  Having YFS looking into the children’s history before placement is a major plus to make sure the child is a good fit for our home.  We appreciate the training and assistance we receive from YFS.” 

– Jason, former foster / adoptive parent

For more information, please contact:

Our Foster Care Staff

(405) 262-6555