Youth & Family Services, Inc. (YFS) counseling provides person-centered counseling and mentoring for children ages 3 through 21.  Counseling focuses on individual and family strengths to address life changes and circumstances. Our primary areas of focus are trauma, crisis intervention, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, social skills, and positive peer and family relationships. YFS clinical services are provided at no cost to clients.

Programs available include Outpatient Counseling, School Based Counseling and Consultation, Family Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Education, Community At-Risk Services (CARS), and a First-Offender Program.


Counseling Programs:

 Drug and Alcohol Education and Support Groups

YFS provides Drug and Alcohol Education and Support Groups (see calendar for schedule).  Curriculum based education focusing on addressing the whole cycle of substance dependency and the elements needed to create change.  Group participants will learn new ways of stopping harmful behaviors and develop new coping skills to assist with relapse prevention.  To learn more about the Drug and Alcohol Education Program offered contact Melissa Larimore at 405-262-6555.

Our drug and alcohol education program has served over 600 students since its start in 2010, 98% of these students were successfully integrated back into the school setting.  82% of our counseling clients report an improved ability to deal with problems more effectively and 88% report life has been better since beginning services at YFS. 

Trauma and Education Support Groups

The effects of a major disaster or a traumatic event, such as a family disruption or a loss can stimulate fears that affect peer relationships, school life, and concern about a youth’s personal well-being.    The Journey of Hope program uses a youth-centered, strengths-based approach to provide young people with positive resources to understand and cope with emotions caused by traumatic situations.  The program, offered in a group setting, gives young people the opportunity to normalize their emotions and develop positive coping strategies through cooperative play, creative arts and literature.   If you are interested in learning more about this program, enrolling your child in the program or how it could help in your local school, you can contact Dian Larson 405-262-6555.

Outreach Counseling Program

Schools are the primary work site in this program. Outreach counselors move from school to school reaching children and adolescents in three counties with crisis intervention, individual counseling, group counseling, and educational programs. Behavior management consultation is also made available to school personnel. School systems served by outreach counselors are El Reno, Union City, Maple, Darlington, Piedmont, Banner, Mustang, Dover, Hennessey, Calumet, Okarche, Kingfisher, and Yukon.

First-Time Offender Program

A curriculum based program for youth and their parent/guardian to develop skills needed for better communication, anger management and conflict resolution. The course is a month-long, twelve-hour curriculum and is promoted and monitored statewide by the Oklahoma Association of Youth Services. For more information about our First-Offender Program, please contact Dian Larson at 405-262-6555.

Community At-Risk Services (CARS)

Through a contract with the Office of Juvenile Affairs, this program provides services to at-risk youth who have entered into the juvenile system. In-home counseling and social services, family counseling, individual counseling, tutoring, and mentoring are all components of this program.


Success Stories:

Megan Is Empowered

Megan, an 18 year old young woman, came to Youth & Family Services because she was struggling with low self-esteem and  a history of abusive relationships with men. Her counselor utilized cognitive behavior therapy to teach her the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.  Person centered therapy helped her develop a positive self image of herself.  Six months later, Megan reported she had broken the cycle of dating abusive men, was living in her own apartment and working full-time.

A Young Mom Makes a Life for Her Family

17 yr old, Emily and her 3 month old baby Andrea needed assistance to regroup and bring order to a chaotic life.  Emily came to YFS looking for help for her post partum depression and school anxiety.  She was also struggling with financial problems.   Emily received individual treatment for depression and anxiety and began learning more coping skills.   Emily also received group counseling for anger management.   After 9 months of counseling and other services from YFS, Emily graduated from the Alternative School and began attending the Vo-tech cosmetology program.