Transitional Living Program

Helping Young Adults Establish Independence

The Transitional Living Program (TLP) provides services for young adults between the ages of 16 – 21 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. This includes pregnant and parenting young adult females with their children.  The program provides counseling, life skills, education, and mentoring to enable young adults to become more self-sufficient.

125 young adults were served through the Transitional Living Programs this past year. Of these, TLP provided 7 young adults and 2 children with supportive services and long-term housing (18 months). In addition, the remaining 118 young adults received short term supportive services including groceries, clothing, transportation, utilities, rent, deposits, mentoring, counseling, life skill classes, and referrals.

Success Stories:

Joanne Gets the Help She Needs to Succeed!

At 14, Joanne was on probation with the Oklahoma Juvenile Authority and was referred to YFS for truancy and runaway behavior. Joanne was depressed and angry. She lived with her mother and step-father, who were involved in prescription pain pill abuse. Youth & Family Services worked with Joanne for two years until her legal issues were successfully closed with OJA. One year later Joanne came back to YFS for depression issues. Joanne and her counselor worked hard to help Joanne overcome her depression.

Joanne went on to graduate from high school. Since she did not have a home, Joanne entered the Youth & Family Services Transitional Living Program. Counseling and the Transitional Living Programs helped Joanne overcome depression, complete high school, and function independently.


Tricia’s Story

Tricia was 17 years old when she entered the TLP. Tricia had spent time in a group home and detention. Tricia had been receiving treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. She was in the process of becoming emancipated and needed a place to live. Tricia had goals of getting her GED and then attending Redlands Community College.

Her YFS Mentor helped Tricia move into her own apartment, learn how to budget her money and develop a high work ethic. Today, Tricia has completed several semesters of college, remains sober and has aspirations of finishing her degree. She also wants to help others like she was helped by her YFS Mentor.