Safe Loving Relationships

Safe and Loving Relationships(SLR) is a program that promotes and supports healthy marriages and relationships. Participants are provided a series of training modules including communication skills, emotional understanding, conflict resolution, and stress and anger management. Two classes are offered, Within My Reach, for singles, and PREP, for couples. Classes are ongoing.

The program is provided free of charge and includes both child care and meals.

SLR is for anyone that would like to:

  • Improve your relationship
  • Build teamwork & reduce stress
  • Communicate effectively
  • Resolve conflict fairly
  • Keep fun & friendshio forever

For more information about Safe and Loving Relationships, please call (405) 262-6555.



Raymond and Liza were experiencing lots of stress in the home with their new baby. After attending our relationship workshops and improving their communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and co-parenting, they feel like it is a more peaceful environment to raise their children. Raymond stated that he feels that the communication and conflict resolution skills he acquired improved not only his marriage but also helped him with employment.

Brenda has changed her attitude toward marriage. When she first began Within My Reach classes, she was cohabitating with her boyfriend but was adamant that she would never get married. After attending and learning how to apply some of the skills she had learned about communication and how her love life affected her son, she accepted her boyfriend’s proposal and is now engaged.

Ramona decided to break up with her boyfriend after attending Within My Reach classes. She felt that her boyfriend was not being emotionally or physically safe and was choosing substances over her and her daughter. She used the communication skills she had learned from Safe and Loving Relationships to break up with him. Ramona stated that it really did work for her.

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