Independent Living Program

Serving Young Adults

Youth & Family Services, Inc. provides a variety of services to help young adults transition from adolescence to adulthood. Our hope is that the youth we serve in Canadian, Blaine, Oklahoma and Kingfisher counties would be successful in living as independently as possible. We have many “departments” in this program that focus on specific target populations of youth.  See any of the following links for more information about the kinds of programming in our Independent Living Program.


Independent Living Programs:

“The Spot” and “Almost” – Assists with homelessness prevention in Blaine and Kingfisher counties.

Street Outreach – Assists teens and young adults who are homeless that may not be prepared for the structure of a live-in program.

Transitional Living – Assists young adults between the ages of 16-21 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, including pregnant and parenting.

Intergenerational Impact at Intrada – Creates structured, intentional opportunities for low-income seniors, other vulnerable adults and ILP youth/young adults to connect and bond through shared social, recreational, educational, and volunteer activities.