Bee’s Knees

Self-Sufficiency through Entrepreneurship.


Bee’s Knees is cosponsored by Youth & Family Services, Inc. and, 501(c)(3) private, nonprofit, community-based, charitable organizations.

Bee’s Knees promotes self-sufficiency for young adults with developmental disabilities through entrepreneurship.

Bee’s Knees functions as a small business. The entrepreneurs of Bee’s Knees create handmade functional products and original one-of-a-kind masterpieces and sell them online and at various exhibits and events.



Are you looking for a way to partner with Bee’s Knees? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few ways you can partner with us and join the cause for self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship.

Become a friend 

The biggest way you can make an impact with Bee’s Knees is by being our friend. A practical way to do this is by participating with us at our events  and exhibits throughout the year. Your support, encouragement, and relational investment as our friend is of the highest value.

Become a financial supporter.

Another way to partner with Bee’s Knees is by becoming a financial supporter. By partnering with us financially, you can help us purchase supplies to further pursue forms of entrepreneurship, you can help us explore new possibilities with Bee’s Knees products, and you can assist us in discovering ways to invite other young adults with developmental disabilities into the cause for self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship.

I would like to partner with Bee’s Knees as a financial supporter.


Do you have questions? Check out our FAQ page.


Are you interested in commissioning an original masterpiece by the artists of Bee’s Knees? Check out our commission proposal.

Looking for more information about Bee’s Knees?

Check out the all new, all fresh, Bee’s Knees website. It has a cool new look. You can read more about the artists, view original masterpieces, and stay updated on the latest Bee’s Knees adventures. Here it is:


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