Counseling Success Stories


Annie is a 12 year old girl that was referred to YFS for counseling.  Annie was having behavior problems at school and shutting down with her school work.  Annie had problems socializing with friends.  She would emphasis on a particular subject, the weather.  Annie had difficulties transitioning from class to lunch and back to class.  Annie didn’t feel like she felt like she fit in causing her to have meltdowns at school.  Annie was unable to read facial cues and voice tones.

Individual and family counseling was provided at YFS to enable the family to understand and learn how to communicate to Annie so that she could understand.  The counselor role played new responses to situations that Annie commonly ran into.  The counselor and Annie did social stories working backward on how to figure out how to solve the problem.  They used cue cards for social skills.

After counseling Annie currently has less anxiety and higher self-esteem with improved social skills.  She in now involved in two new groups at school and is initiating her improved social skills even spending the night with friends.  Annie’s communication and grades have improved.  Annie states she now feels understood.


Jason, a 17 yr old boy was a bully and was charged with assault in another state.  His sister committed suicide previously and never worked through the loss of his sister.  He moved here and sought services for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  He also getting his GED through YFS and learning life skills in our ILP and also learning what a safe and loving relationship is through our SLP program.  This young man has had a hard long road but is much more emotionally healthy and productive in the community.


Frank, a 12 yr old boy came in for individual and family counseling.  He and Mom would have terrible fights frequently.  Through the family counseling Mom and Dad we able to learn and use anger management skills and the family is much more emotionally healthy.  Now the boy is working on grief issues because his favorite grandmother died.  He is learning the cycle of grief and processing his loss.